All about the beans

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All About the Beans.


At Harmony Bay we strive to deliver the best coffees at an affordable price. In order accomplish this goal we rely on two key components: 100% Arabica coffee and a devout dedication to quality control at every level. Keep reading to learn more about each of these components.


Arabica vs Robusta:


When it comes to coffee there are two main species, Arabica and Robusta. While there are many similarities and differences, the key takeaway is that Arabica coffees have a more complex flavor profile and are preferred by most coffee drinkers. 

Robusta can often have a more bitter and burnt taste, sometimes tasting like rubber. These are the coffees you will often find in other large national or store brands, but never in Harmony Bay's 100% Arabica coffees. While Robusta is cheaper than Arabica, we believe the quality difference more than makes up for the cost, and we think you will agree!


Quality Control:

At every level of our production we take painstaking measures to ensure the Arabica coffees we use meet our rigorous quality standards. We taste our coffees at several stages throughout the production process to ensure the coffee never falls below our quality criteria. We also pull sample cans and bags from every production batch to make sure each batch is consistent with our standards. 

Our dedication to quality and consistency ensures that you can rely on your next order being just as good as the coffee you got today. 

Whether you opt for a can, bag or k-cup, all of our offerings have the same great 100% Arabica, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Harmony Bay Team

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