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1.75 Ounce Cans 1.75 Ounce Cans
Never has it been so easy to brew a pot of gourmet coffee. Each can has an easy open top. Just pour in the filter and brew 8 - 10 cups of delicious Harmony Bay coffee - a perfect pot every time!
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12 oz. Bewley's Irish Creme Can 12 oz. Bewley's Irish Creme Can
The warmth of Ireland, now in America! Experience the old world flavor of Bewley's famous Grafton Street Dublin cafe.
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12 oz. Canisters 12 oz. Canisters
Our elegant, decorative cannisters feature an easy open top and one way valve. The valve permits us to pack the coffee while still hot, fresh from our roaster.
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12 oz. Seasonal Canisters Seasonal Canisters and Bags
Harmony Bay produces a variety of seasonal coffees including Blueberry Cobbler, Maple Cinnamon, Danish Pastry, and Eggnog. Satisfy your seasonal cravings with a delicious cup of Harmony Bay's specialty gourmet coffee. Available year round on our website!
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28 - 32 oz. Bags 28 - 40 oz. Bags
Enjoy Harmony Bay Coffees' flavored and specialty gourmet coffee in a larger size. Sometimes you can't get enough great coffee! That's why we've made some of most popular flavors available in 28 - 40 oz. value size. Purchase by the case or each.
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Catapult Coffee 11 oz. Bags
Comfort Foods recently invested in some new equipment to produce a line of bagged coffees. The quality of the coffee is exactly the same as the canned products we have been producing for 14 years.
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Gift Packages Gift Packages
Harmony Bay Coffee has a variety of coffee packages that are affordable and elegant gifts. For gift giving any time of year. They make an excellent stocking stuffer, office party gifts, or a last minute addition for someone special.
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Decaf Coffee Decaf Coffee
Harmony Bay Decaf coffees are so good, our customers say they can not tell the difference from regular coffee. We use a Canadian supplier to decaffeinate our coffee, where standards are even stricter than in the USA. Over 99% caffeine free, with all the taste!
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Single Serving Cups Single Serving Cups
Harmony Bay now offers our coffee in Single Serving Cups. The same great flavors and options you love, conveniently packaged in a Single Serving Cup, for the perfect cup of coffee whether you're home or on the go! Compatible for use with most K-Cup® brewers.
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